Atari is entering a new era


We all know Atari. At least anyone older 35 y/o but also the younger generation that has heard about the iconic company. They went through very turbulent times and filed for bankruptcy and changed many owners but here they are and with the original founder on the company board. They have a lot of stuff going for them too.

VCS console

This is a gaming console / PC hybrid that has an AMD Ryzen processor in it (best in class currently). They are taking right now pre-orders and will launch soon. There aren’t make big name gaming consoles on the market right now. PS5 made Sony’s stock explode recently. The PC hybrid is a great idea because you essentially have a full blown PC that can connect to a 4K home TV and makes a great present. The kids can play Roblox and have zoom school lessons at the same time.

Atari Hotels

This is a crazy idea which I like a lot. There are many things going on simultaneously at this period. First of all we got a glimpse of the future with Ready Player One which featured prominently the Atari brand. Secondly, Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be the hit of the year in gaming and although it’s not directly related to Atari it depicts a dystopian 80s atmosphere in which Atari is king. Capitalizing on this, Atari is opening a hotel chain which is an immesrive experience of gaming and AR/VR with the first one being in Las Vegas, the best location in the world for this type of stuff. This will probably not be hit by the Covid pandemic because it will open up just when people will start travelling again. If this takes off it can be a huge hotel chain/experience worldwide.

Atari Token

Atari recently released a token that will be used for intra-game purchased, player rewards, ecosystem engagement and many other used canses much like Enjin and Dapper labs Flow. This only adds to the rise of this company. This is also a good time for the dip because since it’s IEO the token is trading down 80% of the original price in dollar terms which admittedly was overpriced.

The stock

Has taken a recent dip trading today at -22% of the recent high and sits only at 100M market cap which is a steal for these kind of prospects.

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